Shift B Corp

We’ve taken over 50 businesses through B Corp certification™* and have collaborated with hundreds of B Corps across the UK. We bring all that experience to you, in three simple steps.

*we are not legally affiliated with or a subsidiary of B Lab



The best starting point for your B Corp journey

Four, one-hour B Impact Assessment support sessions with an expert advisor
B Corp Assessment Cheat Sheet
Sector analysis, B Corp network introductions and personal Baseline Report

Achieve your baseline B Corp score using the B Impact Assessment



Outlining is the natural progression from baselining, or for companies who have experience with B Corp already

Four, one-hour Outlining support sessions with your expert advisor
Creating a signed-off list of practices that you’ll implement in order to achieve a passing B Corp score

Create your roadmap to B Corp certification



Bespoke platform build with guides, templates and calculators made for your specific B Corp roadmap

Personal accounts for the whole team


B Corp launch workshop

Additional support recommended for this phase to ensure cultural transition

Choose from different levels of support, from do it yourself to full cultural transition
Launch workshop and ongoing support

Search B Corp Case Studies

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