Studio Graphene: London design studio works towards B Corp certification

Key outcomes:

In-person Impact Mapping workshop.

Dedicated B Corp team who distributed the tasks well.

Successfully managed to navigate the BIA with a widely distributed workforce around the world

“Our entire experience with Future Shift has been fantastic. They have been friendly, professional and added value throughout the process. Right from the start, Future Shift were responsive and clear in outlining their proposal and efficiently onboarding us. We were all clear about the process and felt that having the guidance saved us a lot of time and effort at our end.”

Ritam Gandhi, Founder

The Challenge:

Having successfully created many digital design products for high-profile clients, Studio Graphene became interested in the B Corp certification late in 2022. They thought this new certification could help them attract the right talent and make them stand out in their sector. Consequently, based on a significant recommendation from another company in their industry, Studio Graphene reached out to Future Shift, needing support with their BIA assessment. Given the international spread of Studio Graphene's offices, there was concern about how this would work within B Corp's rigorous Assessment and whether the certification was just plain out of reach for the company.

The Solution:

The team at Future Shift worked diligently with Studio Graphene organising their assessment in a way that suited the company's make-up. We demonstrated to Studio Graphene that they could not only reach the passing score of the BIA but exceed it convincingly. As a result, the submission was a simple and painless process, with Studio Graphene able to integrate its mission within the way it fulfilled B Corps requirements. Now Studio Graphene is actively involved in Future Shift's 'Shift Community' and always looking for new ways to improve its impact and ensure it's doing right by its workers.