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We created Culture Shift workshops to educate teams and make progress towards your sustainability goals.

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  • Workshop 1033 thumbnail

    Carbon Reporting | Net Zero Strategy | Price On Request

    From creation of an initial baseline carbon report, to tackling your carbon reduction plan, Future Shift have a complete package. Utilising our own bespoke, carbon calculators, built to the latest scientific data we will ensure that your carbon reporting and reduction plan is in line with the highest standards – perfect for any client or government request. Our reduction plans are always created in line with the SBTi frameworks.

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    Early-Careers Development | Immersive Course | Price On Request

    An immersive course looking into the past, present, and future of sustainability as a concept, and what it means to the the world of business, innovation, and science.

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    B Corp basics | Whole Team | £249

    Our B Corp 101 workshop does exactly what it says on the tin. Through an interactive talk, we’ll cover everything that’s important to know about the certification and the journey to B Corp. We’ll answer questions like: What is B Corp? Why is it important to businesses? Whats the difference between B Corp, ESG and social and environmental impact? How with the certification change one’s day-to-day work?

  • Workshop 1019 thumbnail

    Impact report expert support | Great for aspiring and certified B Corps | £1049

    The annual Impact Report is quickly becoming a standard amongst impact-driven businesses. Get support from sustainability professionals to report your social and environmental impact with clarity and authenticity.

  • Workshop 657 thumbnail

    Post-B Corp certification | Marketing department | £249

    We see business after business get to the point of certifying and then fail to make full use of the marketing potential of the certification. In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the best practices from across the Shift Community and the B Corp community to get a sense of what’s possible when it comes to marketing your certification. And to let you in on a little secret, it’s a lot deeper than you may think. You’ll leave the workshop with a populated timeline of the first 6 months of certification marketing and a checklist of ‘where should we be putting the badge?’.

  • Workshop 656 thumbnail

    B Corp points | Impact report content | £449

    Impact mapping is an interactive workshop where a group from your business will collectively arrive at a set of impacts/issues that are truly important to your business. This is all about thinking about the big picture; we start most sessions with a short guided meditation to make the most of our time spent visioning your business’s place in the world. After completing this workshop, you will have a list of up to 20 high-priority impacts mapped onto a materiality matrix. This is great content for your impact report and sustainability webpage – not to mention it contributes to attaining your B Corp certification.