Grad Scheme Module: Sustainability & the Future of Work

An immersive course looking into the past, present, and future of sustainability as a concept, and what it means to the the world of business, innovation, and science.

Designed for early-careers delegates, this course explores deep sustainability. We start the course with three ‘101’ lectures, looking at leading sustainability literature that comprises a global sustainability concept today.

We then narrow the scope of exploration to look at sustainability in the context of the organisation which the delegates are members of.

Finally we look at what sustianbility means to the individual through ideas of workplace activism, ending the course with a guided meditation to produce a Personal Manifesto: five promises one wishes to make between themselves now, in the early stages of their career, and them on the day of their retirement.

This course was created with engineering graduates at Airbus UK. Read the case study here.

Who is this workshop for?

Early careers delegates and those wanting to dig deep into what sustainability means

What should I expect?

8 weeks of workshops and lectures

How many people?

Up to 16

How much?

Get in touch for a custom course proposal made to your specification