Impact Report Building

The annual Impact Report is quickly becoming a standard amongst impact-driven businesses. Get support from sustainability professionals to report your social and environmental impact with clarity and authenticity.

If you’re a B Corp or aspiring to be one, your business should be producing an impact report. Why? (1) Because it’s standard practice in the community and (2) because the legal agreement which is required to certify commits the directors to “prepare and circulate to its members an impact report for each financial year of the Company” (B Corp legal requirement).

Now that I’ve scared you appropriately, let me ease your nerves by telling you just how simple we have made the Impact Report writing schlep. No matter your budget or the amount of content you have to fill out the report, we’ve got you covered to create something that is appropriate for your business and in line with the best out there. We can integrate with your creative department or become one if needed. These workshops are designed to be flexible to account for the range of different businesses we support.

Who is this workshop for?

This ones for a specific bunch. First we need the person or team who will be responsible for collecting and writing the content for the report. Then we have the creatives (who may or may not be the same as the content collectors) who are responsible for the design and visual elements of the report. Useful other members of the impact report team are a director who can step in every now and again to keep things in line with the company direction and someone from marketing who will be distributing the report to your stakeholders.

What should I expect?

A methodical process which will result in the production of a final draft for your Impact Report content and a visual blueprint for the graphical work.

How long is this workshop?

Two, three-hour sessions

How many people?

1-6 people

How much?