Sustainit: B Corp support for Bristol-based sustainability consultancy

Key outcomes:

B Corp advice for data-driven sustainability consultants > Sustainit

Shared learning of the B Corp framework

Providing accountability to achieving B Corp certification

The Challenge:

We first met Julia, their lead Sustainability Consultant, at a conference given to members of the University of the West of England's Business and Entrepreneurship degree. Realising that we both occupy different spaces within the sustainability consulting industry, our relationship grew and they came to us looking for guidance on attaining B Corp certification. We thus embarked on the 3 step B Corp programme.

The Solution:

Even though we occupied different spaces within sustainability consulting, it was clear from the start that we were similar organisations, which would be reflected within the B Corp scoring system. Having already submitted our own application, we were able to use these insights to provide clear understanding of where SustainIt could improve upon within the framework of the BIA. SustainIt are now implementing the changes using our Shift Implementation Platform with an internal team of 4.