Clifton Coffee Roasters: B Corp and Workshops for coffee experts

Key outcomes:

B Corp certification within a complex coffee industry.

Speedy B Corp submission

Achieved a high B Corp score surpassing local competition

The Challenge:

We were introduced to local coffee celebrities, Clifton Coffee Roasters, through one of our affiliate consultants, Future Leap. Clifton Coffee take extreme pride in producing some of the highest quality of coffee with a massive impetus on ensuring that they work closely with coffee farmers to ensure a fair wage is given to the workers (much, much higher than Fair Trade standards). Sure enough, we jumped at the chance to help guide them through the B Corp journey.

The Solution:

We ran an accelerated B Corp boot camp for the internal B Corp team at Clifton Coffee Roasters, guiding them to finding their true baseline B Corp score over the course of 4 sessions in 2 weeks, before Outlining an improvement roadmap to a (high) passing B Corp score in 4 sessions in the subsequent 2 weeks - a full service in less than a month! They are now working through internally, using a team of 4 to implement the changes required prior to audit.