Navas: An unconventional approach to B Corp implementation from startup drinks supplier

Key outcomes:

Supporting an intern helping with B Corp

8 week from clueless to confident submission

Engagement with the Shift Community through the Shift Community Seminar

“In terms of support, we couldn’t have asked for more. The advice Oscar and the team offered Navas on our journey through the B Corp accreditation was not only crucial but far exceeded expectations. The personalised Method Grid (Implementation Platform) portal Oscar built, made the process feel manageable and the support given throughout was abundant, clear and professional – we could not recommend Future Shift more highly!”

Alex Wise, Sales Lead

The Challenge:

Navas drinks are a South West tonic water brand who pride themselves in their tasty product and focus on environmental impact through their partnership with The Eden Project. We were introduced through another client and engaged immediately with the Shift B Corp journey. Though a small team, we found a viable pathway to B Corp certification.

The Solution:

Due to Navas being a small operation. We had to think outside the box when it came to implementing the changes in policies and practices that would allow them to certify smoothly upon audit. We therefore recommended that they engage with a local university through a good friend of Future Shift to explore the possibility of an intern coming in to gain experience while giving Navas the firepower needed to get hem over the line. This worked out to be a great idea with both Navas and the intern gaining from an exciting and meaningful project.