Wonderland: Shift B Corp, Culture Shift and Shift Community engagement for innovative creative comms agency

Key outcomes:

Developing a culture of sustainability shift through regular Culture Shift workshops

Engagement with the Shift Community through the Shift Community Seminar

Confident B Corp submission of over 100 points

“We’ve really enjoyed the process with Future Shift. It’s made us look through a different lens”

Rich Gundry, MD

The Challenge:

We first met Alison, the founder of Wonderland at Goodfest down in Cornwall 2022. This was late into the evening, and if I recall correctly on a dancefloor. Anyway, we managed to remember each others details and recall the conversation about their B Corp journey amidst the ABBA blaring in the background and began supporting them through Baselining.

The Solution:

The 'first time pass' is a seldom seen occurrence, but for Wonderland, they passed with flying colours on the first try (i.e. after Baselining). This meant a very smooth journey to B Corp, just crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's to get to submission stage. Wonderland chose to engage in the full suite of Culture Shift workshops, right after their release in early 2023. This is a wonderful opportunity to open the field of vision of the employees when it comes to sustainability through education, activities and of course the off meditation.