Ourselves: B Corp for design agency

Key outcomes:

Design Industry B Corp

Providing clear education and insight into their material impacts.

Utilising the Shift Implementation Platform to ensure a well-managed project.

“Just great guys who genuinely wanted to help us from the start on our B-Corp journey. Such a simple, intuitive tool to help us keep on track and make the whole process feel less overwhelming. As a lover of “ticking off tasks”, it’s actually been enjoyable for me!”

Jessica Smith, Executive Assistant

The Challenge:

Jessica Smith and Steven Bennett-Day came to us having already completed the assessment internally, however had fallen shy of the B Corp passing score and therefore were looking for some guidance to get over the line. As an impact-driven founder, Steven was extremely conscious that he did not want to do good for the sake of doing good, but rather drive initiatives that would make deep material changes to the business.

The Solution:

As Jessica and Steven had already responded to all of the questions within the BIA, however we needed to work out was was 'real' and what was aspirational within the assessment. Through a thorough re-baselining we were able to wean out the aspirational and leave us with the answers that confidently existed already. We were then able to work back through the assessment and outline an extremely positive passing score! Ourselves are now working through the Shift Implementation Platform to implement the required changes using an internal team of 4.