Carbon reporting & Net Zero Strategy

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Carbon footprint reporting (GHG protocol-aligned)

Support calculating your company’s scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon footprint.

Net Zero pathway

We will analyse your emissions and long-term reduction targets to formulate a strategy so you can feel confident committing to Net Zero by 2050

Science-Based Targets initiative

We can help you through all five stages needed to validate your near and long-term targets by the SBTi.

Emissions reduction strategy

Build near and long-term robust emissions reduction strategies for stronger carbon reporting.

Carbon and Net Zero literacy

We deliver highly engaging workshops and teaching sessions to boost carbon and Net Zero literacy.

Social and environmental mission statement building

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Mission statements are usually customer-focused, but with social and environmental stakeholders being incorporated into decision-making – times are changing. This short workshop will help you produce a social and environmental mission statement that, is either complimentary to your existing mission, or a new mission entirely. This workshop is for people at the director level but we will survey your employees before the workshop to make sure everyone gets a say in crafting your mission.

Who is this workshop for?

Director-level or those who decide the company mission.

What should I expect?

An expert-led workshop with no need for preparation required. You’ll leave the workshop with a new mission statement.

In-person or online?

Either (in-person conducted with lots of Post-Its notes and online through online whiteboarding tool, Miro)

How long is this workshop?

1 hour (without a break)

How many people?

1-3 people

Points in B Corp?

Up to 0.75 points in the ‘Mission Statement Characteristics’ section of the BIA

How much?