Shift Community Seminar with Phil Hawthorne – November 2022 Highlights

In our final Shift Community Seminar of the year, we had special guest Phil Hawthorne join us from Red Paddle to talk about how he incorporates circular design into his work! As head of design at Red Paddle Co, Phil has been our key man when it’s come to planning the company’s B Corp journey, and it’s safe to say; his passion for circular design has really come through in this process. Naturally, we had to get him involved in our seminar to talk about it.

Fired with tons of excellent questions from our attendees Phil helped us understand the importance of design in eliminating waste! It’s one thing reducing package from a product, but it’s a whole other deal designing something that produces no waste in itself! Consequently, Phil got us all fired-up to dream big and think of new ways we can do business in ways that benefits people and our planet.