Shift Community Seminar with Bruce Gray – January 2023 Highlights

During the first Shift Community Seminar of the year, we heard LHGs inspiring story as they worked through the pandemic to keep the business going involving: a massive crowd-funding project, developing new spaces, and creating excellent beers for all to enjoy! Now they are enjoying great success, recording record beer selling numbers and hosting local running events. With such a compelling story, naturally, we quizzed the chairman Bruce on what it was like coming through the other side of something like a pandemic.

It was a really engaging seminar for all of us who enjoyed it live, and as a bonus, we were fortunate enough to record attendance at our seminar – only serving to add to the discussions and breakout rooms.

We have worked with LHG through their B Corp journey helping them implement the changes they needed to achieve a passing score. Their team has been diligent and committed demonstrating the excellent internal culture they have at LHG.