Shift Community Seminar with Adam Parsons – July 2023 Highlights

Our first summer seminar of the year! A great group of clients and members of the Shift Community get involved with the Q&A and breakout rooms. We’ve successfully trialled the 1-on-1 matchmaking style of breakout rooms, bringing a more personal touch to the breakout sessions.

A big thank you to Adam Parsons from APG Architecture who spoke to us about the interesting origin for their sustainability journey. We spoke about Yvon Chouinard’s “Let My People Go Surfing”, and the profound effect it had on Adam’s approach to business.

We also mentioned that, after being inspired by Adam and his affinity to the book, we have been reading it at a team as apart of a weekly book club. This seems to spark some interest in the Shift Community so we may be taking the book club to the community in the near future!