Shift Community Seminar with Rich Gundry – March 2023 Highlights

Seminar Writeup – Wednesday 22nd March 2023

In conversation with Rich Gundry who shares how creative comms agency, Wonderland, are pushing the bar with their progressive (and at points damn right revolutionary!) worker policies.

In this edition of the Shift Community Seminar, we discussed everything in the Wonder Universe, which is a fascinating place. Facing lots of questions at the end of the Q&A, Rich let us peek into the progressive new territories that Wonderland is exploring.

A big thanks to everyone who attended a second great Seminar this year – I think 2023 will be a special year of speakers! One of our largest ever attendances. I mean, this isn’t Wembley Arena, but an amazing group, big enough for solid discussion and great diversity of thought.

We have supported Wonderland in their journey to B Corp certification and beyond. They are also pioneer clients for our Culture Shift workshop services, released in early 2023 to give businesses more personal support when it came to shifting culture – injecting the energy we have here for sustainability into teams big and small.