Yoke: Aligning sustainability with business development for fast-growing startup

Key outcomes:

Internal culture shift through workshops

Confidence in impact-focused business development

A better understanding of the B Corp certification requirements

“Future Shift’s approach really impressed us, we ask for something to be done and they come back with tons more than we expected, always surpassing our expectations. We have contracted them in an ongoing manner for sustainability support, helping us shape our business and grow our offering. Their knowledge, attitude and approach are inspirational.”

Jay Bigford, Director

The Challenge:

Yoke were our very first client, achieved through a spontaneous conversation with Jay, who has since become a good friend of the business. Being an ethical design agency, Yoke were a well suited partnership for both parties. We engaged through weekly Shift Subscription sessions where we worked through the B Impact Assessment and created a roadmap to submission (Baselining and Outlining).

The Solution:

We began working towards B Corp certification from the outset, working together to allow the business to grow using B Corps principles of impact reporting and using business for good. This involved creating blueprints for an employee handbook that was well-aligned with the ethical principles laid out in the B Corp's methodology. We also delivered a primitive version of what is now our Impact Mapping workshop, ona summer's day in Jay's home garden - it seems like an age ago now and we've come far (both businesses) since.