wtv: Future Shift support Innovate UK media carbon calculation project as lead consultants

Key outcomes:

Bringing carbon expertise a global project

Carbon calculator building and refinement

Supporting an Innovate UK project

“Future Shift have excelled in delivering results to a high standard right from our first meeting. They have been strict with all deadlines and have provided our project with the high level of expertise we were looking for. They have gone above and beyond what we have asked for every time and have been brilliant in communicating simple solutions to our complex challenges.”

Peter Sibley, Chairman

The Challenge:

After winning some funding from Innovate UK, Wtv embarked on a mission to build a high-end carbon calculator for the events sector. This calculator was intended to measure the carbon, cost, and time of any event a user wished to input - a truly mammoth task for those who can appreciate the complexity of running a corporate event. To feasibly deliver on this project, Wtv needed to bring together multiple organisations, all of which would need to be specialists in their respective fields. For the tasks; of sourcing credible data and building the calculator itself, Wtv decided to get Future Shift involved.

The Solution:

Since the beginning of Wtv's epic project, Future Shift has extensively involved with delivery of the technical aspects of the carbon calculation tool development. Weekly support involved providing feedback and input within the production phase and building prototypes for the rest of the team. Future Shift's input was such that added responsibility was given to the team to ensure the timely delivery of Wtv's deadlines for extended development work. The Future Shift team have engaged with the project at a design and delivery level, working between multiple technical stakeholders within the multi-team. The team can successfully support the technical delivery of carbon-related digital projects as well as provide insight from the sustainability startup space. We aim to bring a combination of high-level consultancy and directional support along with strong technical delivery, just as we have provided in the present case study.