Lovat Parks: B Corp certification and internal sustainability development at fast-growing group of holiday parks

Key outcomes:

Culture Shift through workshops

Recertification during rapid growth

Waste and Carbon Reporting

“The ongoing support from Will and the rest of the Future Shift team is an invaluable resource which has provided a reliable sounding board, consistent support and valuable visibility within the B Corp world. It has really helped Lovat Parks fast-track B Corp in action while also nourishing long term learning and goal setting.”

Lian Loke, Head of Positive Impact

The Challenge:

Lovat Parks had just certified as the first holiday park to become B Corp certified back in 2021, at a time of rapid growth for the company. After speaking with the founder Raoul, it was clear that B Corp meant more than just a certification to them and he wanted to maintain the B Corp culture throughout this time of company expansion. We began working with Lovat two years before their first recertification tasked with supporting Lian (Internal Sustainability Lead) through the opening of new parks to ensure that the culture of B Corp was integrated into each new acquisition.

The Solution:

Regular meetings with the internal sustainability lead Lian, allowed Lovat Parks to meticulously plan their roadmap to an improved B Corp score for their recertification, as well as the integration of B Corp culture within the newly acquired holiday parks. An important part of this relationship has been to create a culture of reporting on energy usage, emissions and waste production, allowing them to mitigate what they measure.