Lighthouse: Design studio use Shift B Corp methodology to make progress towards certification

Key outcomes:

Outline a roadmap to a high passing B Corp score.

B Corp certification through a well managed Shift Implementation Platform.

Education of service industry impacts

The Challenge:

Lighthouse were looking to integrate new, impact driven initiatives into their business when we were first introduced by a member of the Shift Community, however were unsure as a service-based design studio how exactly they could make a material difference. Our engagement has allowed Lighthouse to measure their impacts throughout the B Corp framework, whilst also giving them a clear roadmap for improvement and ultimately the coveted B Corp certification.

The Solution:

Through weekly engagements in the Baselining phase, we were able to understand what what initiatives were actually evidence-able within their current initiatives and policies, before realising where clear improvements could be made that had a material impact within the business. Lighthouse were then able to use this clear structure of the improvement roadmap to internally implement the changes required to achieve B Corp certification through our Shift Implementation Platform.