LHG: Shift B Corp and Culture Shift workshops for one of Bristol’s most loved beer brands

Key outcomes:

Implementation support for team of 5

Speedy B Corp submission

Speedy B Corp submission

“Future Shift have been invaluable in guiding us through the B Corp process. Their professionalism, knowledge and friendly, helpful attitude have made a challenging process run smoothly and stress free. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Bruce Gray, Founder

The Challenge:

We were delighted when Bruce, the founder of Left Handed Giant got in contact with the intention of receiving support to attain B Corp certification. For those of you who aren't from Bristol (Future Shift's home town), Left Handed Giant are a much loved craft brewery who run a number of pubs in Bristol. We set out on the three-step Shift B Corp journey through weekly support meetings with Bruce.

The Solution:

Because Left Handed Giant already did so much when it came to social and environmental impact, we baselined a sizable score in the B Impact Assessment. This means that the certification journey becomes one of formulation of policies and practices rather than one of retrofitting and complete renovation. We opened the platform up to a team of four to formalise the policies and practices required for certification. We have also had Bruce speak about Left Handed Giant's experience with community ownership models - a thing of legend around Bristol!