Garrett Creative: B Corp support for creative startups

Key outcomes:

Confidence in submitting their B Corp

Over 100 points submitted!

B Corp education for founder

“We’d been working independently on our B Corp application for around two years when we met the team at Future Shift. Their process and passion for impact led businesses has enabled us to get our application submitted, using their software we are now well on the way with our action plan. We highly recommend them to anyone thinking about B Corp.”

Ed Garrett, Founder

The Challenge:

When Oscar and Will first started Future Shift, we set up shop in the local co-working space of Future Leap during the Covid-inhibiting year of 2021. It was here that we first met Ed Garrett, founder of Garrett Creative and due to it being a small amount of people not working from home - developed a great relationship. It wasn't until a couple years later that Ed came to us needing some guidance on their B Corp journey. Having already used 2 B Corp consultants - they were still struggling to get over the B Corp line.

The Solution:

Ed had already responded to all of the questions within the BIA, however we needed to work out was was 'real' and what was aspirational within the assessment. Through a thorough re-baselining we were able to wean out the aspirational and leave us with the answers that confidently existed already. We were then able to work back through the assessment and outline an (very) impressive 100 points improvement! Ed and the team are now working through the Shift Implementation Platform to implement the required changes.