Estrella Ventures: Three-step Shift B Corp for London-based SME

Key outcomes:

Culture Shift through workshops,

B Corp certification through a well managed Shift Implementation Platform.

Education of service industry impacts

Vickey Skelsey, CFO of Estrella Ventures: “B Corp certification was something we wanted to do as a way of formalising lots of good things we were already doing, but kept putting off as it felt an overwhelming challenge. Future Shift helped us take the first step of the B Impact Assessment and are now supporting us on the implementation phase so we can achieve our B Corp certified status. Will helped demystify the rather daunting B Impact Assessment, literally walking through the assessment step by step with us.”

Vickey Skelsey, CFO

The Challenge:

The challenge: Estrella Ventures came to us as an ambitious, purpose-driven and innovative marketing team, looking to see how they could utilise their purpose-driven leadership and be recognised for the importance they place on the value of sustainability. We worked closely with Vicki, in order to identify what was needed to change in order to attain B Corp certification within the fast-paced environment of a technology marketing team.

The Solution:

The solution: Through weekly engagements in the Baselining phase, we were able to understand what what initiatives were actually evidence-able within their current initiatives and policies, before realising where clear improvements could be made that had a material impact within the business. Estrella were then able to use this clear structure of the improvement roadmap to internally implement the changes required to achieve B Corp certification through our Shift Implementation Platform. The Platform allowed them to internally coordinate the project extremely efficiently and allowed Estrella to balance their 'normal' job alongside the B Corp project work.