Ekologik: B Corp pending for sustainable cleaning product startup

Key outcomes:

B Corp pending within a month of engagement

B Corp education and planning

B Corp for early-stage startup

“It’s been a pleasure working with Future Shift for the B corp pending for startups. The sessions were all really well structured, outlining the B Corp and what a business such as mine should be doing to achieve the score required to pass.”

Kaye Wannerton, Founder

The Challenge:

We knew Kaye, the founder of Ekologik from life before Future Shift which began conversations in 2021. Ekologik is a sustainable cleaning product supplier. They were interested in achieving B Corp Pending status due to the fact that they had less that 1 year of trading accounts. For suppliers of goods, it is important that the supply chain ethics side of one's operations are as watertight as possible because there can be a lot of risks in this space - this was a focal point of the engagement.

The Solution:

We used the 4-week baselining service to run through the B Impact Assessment methodically. Through these sessions we covered the trickier definitions that are buried within the BIA, which we see with a lot of certifying companies as a principle barrier to a smooth and painless B Corp certification journey. Using the sessions, we were able to baseline a passing score and complete the Impact Assessment, which is a prerequisite to receiving the B Corp pending status.