Edgecumbe: Consulting firm uses Shift B Corp service for efficient certification journey

Key outcomes:

Integrating B Corp into a complex consultancy.

B Corp certification through a well managed Shift Implementation Platform.

Education of service industry impacts

The Challenge:

When we first met Edgecumbe in 2022, they were wrestling with how a consultancy provider could demonstrate their sustainability credentials. When we first engaged with them in 2022. It became clear that they were a group of consultants (and business) that wanted to make a material positive impact on the planet, and therefore, the B Corp framework would be their best asset in proving they are a truly sustainable organisation.

The Solution:

We worked closely with Sarah and Kat on our Shift B Corp service to understand their baseline impact within the BIA. After which we began constructing a roadmap to a passing B Corp score of 100+ points. The internal Edgecumbe B Corp team then used the resources contained within our Shift Implementation Platform to implement the changes we'd outlined to manage their B Corp project.