Affiliates & Offers

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If we’re going to achieve a transition on a scale that meets the scale of the sustainability crisis, then we’re going to have to work together.

That’s why we have partnered with networks, organisations, trade body associations and co-working spaces to enable wide-spread access to sustainability.

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Runway East

Runway East are a B Corp co-working space, with offices in Bristol and London. Being B Corp themselves, it made sense to partner in order to enable the wider Runway East community to access help to get them along the B Corp journey.

If you are a part of the Runway East community – don’t hesitate to get in touch today to find out about how you can access our exclusive pricing.

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Future Leap

We have partnered with local Bristol Sustainability business-all-in-one, Future Leap, to provide their members with exclusive B Corp consulting rates. As Future Shift spent its early days within the walls of their carbon-neutral co-working space, a close collaboration was always meant to be.

Members receive discounts on B Corp support.

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Design Business Association

We have partnered with the Design Business Association (DBA) as a Design Business Expert to provide their community with B Corp, sustainability reporting and Culture Shift support, targeted at SMEs in the design sector.

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Climate Clarity

As our Climate Fresk partners, the team at Climate Clarity are beyond just effective workshop facilitators; they encourage teams and organisations to connect to a rarely-explored emotional dimension of the climate crisis.

If you’re a Future Shift client or partner and after a Climate Fresk at a reduced rate, get in touch.