Red Paddle: B Corp and Subscription support for Britain’s best Standup Paddle Board supplier

Key outcomes:

Culture Shift through immersive workshops

B Corp Audit assurance

Long term Sustainability Strategy Support

Outstanding! a concise and hugely effective and valuable workshop which aligned the entire senior management team.

Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design

The Challenge:

We first met Phil Hawthorne from Red Paddle at a sustainability event in Devon where after a discussion with Oscar on their B Corp application, he realised he could do with some guidance on getting to grips with the final steps of their auditing. Red Paddle had utilised the use of an intern to lead the B Corp journey internally, who was responsible for evidence gathering etc. however were not in a position where they needed guidance in order to get the certification other the line as the intern had left the team.

The Solution:

We provided Red Paddle with a 'B Corp MOT' service, whereby we worked closely with Phil to understand what evidence was insufficient for audit, as well as identifying new scoring opportunities within B Corp. Since then, we have successfully navigated the B Corp audit, as well as improving their points total by 7 points. Our relationship has since flourished post-B Corp, whereby we are now continuously working with Phil on a long-term sustainability strategy alongside impactful Culture Shift workshops.